Sunday, July 7, 2013

FUSSION6 revolutionary system,,,,,,,!!

With just $ 5, in this business will not be required, or sell, affiliation, sponsorship or refer, the system only in the redistribution of wealth from the INTERNET, register for free click here

Friday, July 5, 2013

FAQ Fussion6

- How much start in Fussion6?
only $ 5 each position.
 - What product has Fussion6? own telecommunications platform voip Andromeda 375, with each position get minutes of calls to over 100 countries. 
- How to pay and retirement earnings Fussion6? Through MiBancoExpress payment processor (MBE) with which also have an exclusive agreement which gives us a percentage of their profits.
 - What is the compensation plan? world forced matrices are 3 4 x 10 levels and the 4 forced matrix 3 x 10 levels in all matrices 100% is divided into 10 levels.
 - Who are the users green, black and red? Users green is the new beginning in each matrix, users are black who have already obtained 2 installments users profit and  Reds are the oldest in the business and make profits in upper dies and help make money on the above user matrices to green and black. 

What is Fusion 6?

 -This is the first question we should always respond, to which he responds with one word, Fussion6 is Vanguard , explains its meaning perfectly, Vanguard = set of ideas that are ahead of their time in any activity.
Fussion6 has more technological project together VANGUARDISTA market with wealth-sharing system more VANGUARDISTA Internet thanks to this marriage was born the system that has revolutionized the network marketing.
It is designed and intended for those users who are willing to change your life and take a chance on a system that will make you regain hope to achieve your financial freedom.
We know the economic difficulties in which this time immersed in these society, for that reason we believe this is the time to Fusion 6, the system of distribution of wealth most avant-garde of the time. DO NOT STAY OUT, ONLY $ 5, YOU CAN TAKE THE FIRST STEP TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Fussion6 New Busines

Some important clarifications for all users:
1. - All Mondialline registered user, you can automatically have to access to your back office Fussion6 with the same username and same pasword.
Mondialline users have until February 15, 2013, to turn the account assigned in gratitude for the confidence placed in Mondialline. To activate it should only log into Fussion6 and go to where it says ASSIGNED ACCOUNTS in a box at the start of the back office and right click on payment button through MBE.

How does it work?


Here you will find all the files that we will begin to rise, and updated in order to download them to your PC. Network
Pasword: mondial13

As we all know we are in pre-launch until the day 15/02/2013, currently and convenience to our users, we are making video tutorials, to only have to do short videos to learn how the system works These videos are organized by lan ma .